Therese & Shaun

I have such fond memories of this wedding. It was a lovely sunny day at the beautiful Barn Hotel, Ruislip and I loved working with this confident, dynamic couple.
I started off with the boys as they exchanged gifts, stories and lots of banter. Then on to the laughter and buzz of the bridal suite. This time is always full of heartfelt and memorable moments to capture, along with the time to take in the surroundings and get creative with my shots.
The Barn was dressed up with fairy lights and stunning flowers, perfectly setting the scene.
I find it’s nice to get my couples on their own occasionally, away from the events and crowds. Adam (the photographer) and I took them out as the sun was setting, we found a great spot and got some lovely intimate moments. Then with the big, orange, sun, glowing behind them Therese and Shaun spontaneously repeated their first dance, as they moved in and out of the sun it made for a glorious shot. In the highlights reel I inter-cut this with their actual first dance to give the impression of dancing off into the sunset; If you look closely in the last shot Therese whispers to Shaun, “I love you” and Shaun replies, “I love you too".

This is an example of a ‘Highlights reel’ from my ‘Peacock’ package.