Anne & Chris

These two are intelligent, drop dead gorgeous but down to earth and seriously fun to be around.
Every venue seemed to have been picked for its epic views of Richmond park. Bridal preparation was on the top floor of the classy, historic Petersham hotel in a beautiful suit with stunning views from all the windows.
I love Anne’s vintage, 1940's look. The wedding dress, hair and makeup was subtle, classy and really suited her. Her two sisters, in matching bridesmaid dresses, were so supportive, buzzing around making sure everything was on time and in place so Anne could relax and enjoy her day.
I met up with Chris and his groomsmen, whilst he got a bit of dutch courage at the local pub, again situated up a hill, overlooking Richmond Park.
In my opinion, Pembrook Lodge and especially the Belvedere suite is one of the best venues in town, it’s right in the heart of Richmond park, a large balcony overlooks the most stunning views.
The cake cutting and first dance took place outside on the balcony which was so special as we had those epic views in the background and the live band added to the magic.
My favorite moment of the night came during an impromptu father daughter dance in which they rocked out some old school, 40's dancing and it ended with Anne’s father hugging his daughter and looking like the proudest Dad in town.

This is an example of a highlights reel from my ‘Peacock’ package.

This is an example a full length video from my ‘Peacock’ package.